California Women’s Watersport Collective is an organization conceived by a few passionate female paddlers in Northern California and is dedicated to generating and fostering a community of women who share a love of the water. Our mission is to empower women to be confident both on and off the water. We are a diverse group of women, from river guides and ski bums to corporate CEOs and retirees, therefore our events span a broad range of activities, including whitewater kayaking, standup paddleboarding, sea kayaking and the occasional tubing trip. Our main goal is to create a space for women to have fun, learn new skills and meet friends. This is an all-inclusive organization!


By Women, For Women

It is true that women and men learn differently! We women tend to be more analytical and want to understand how a process works instead of just "going for it". It is immensely valuable to work with instructors and alongside other paddlers who are coming from the same place. Our goal is to provide a supportive and friendly environment where women can feel comfortable and have fun.


A Holistic Approach

We recognize that all things on this planet are interconnected and most important is connection between mind, body and spirit. Therefore we integrate things like yoga, pilates and nutrition into many of our trips and workshops to keep us balanced and aligned and to help prevent injury.


Community Building

Becoming a part of the watersport community is a beautiful thing. We truly believe that if you can inspire someone to be confident on the water, then that will translate into other areas of their lives. In turn, if they feel good about something they're doing, they'll want to pass it on to someone else.


Melissa DeMarie //

Chief Instigator

Laura Zulliger //

Stoke Development

Kayla Lopez //

Art & Graphic Design

Sami Hawkins //

Lead Instructor

Sarah "Sarita" Kay //

Logistics Assistant


Krista Bulford //

Administrative Assistant

Ambassador & Jr Ambassador Team