Kayaking & Cultural Adventure | Patagonia, Chile
to Dec 12

Kayaking & Cultural Adventure | Patagonia, Chile

Kayaking & Cultural Adventure in Chile - December 3-12, 2018

Join us for a 10-day ALL INCLUSIVE adventure in breathtaking Patagonia, Chile! This unique and active trip includes kayaking beautiful rivers and so much more! You'll learn firsthand about the indigenous Chilean peoples - spending afternoons with local Mapuche communities and sharing meals with them. We'll take you on a horse trek into the mountains to a refreshing lake and enjoy a traditional Chilean BBQ lunch. We'll hike through an ancient forest, with 2000+ year old Araucania trees and peer at at the Argentinian border. Our rest day involves soaking in soothing pristine hot springs, yoga and massage. Accommodations are in a comfortable guesthouse in the beautiful Puesco Valley and we’ll be enjoying delicious farm-to-table meals each day.

Soak in the local culture. Sip Chilean wines. Paddle down crystal clear turquoise blue waters. Shop at artisan markets. Laugh. Dance. Relax. Enjoy your well-earned time off! Our hope is to make you love Chile as much as we do!

Beginner to Class 4 options available.

Kayaking & Cultural Adventure in Chile, December 3-12, 2018

10 Days/9 Nights - $2900 USD

Cost includes lodging, meals, kayaking & excursions, transportation to all activities and paddling gear (airfare not included).

$500 non-refundable deposit is required to register. Payment plans available.

In association with <Escape> Patagonia.

Have questions? Email us at info@cwwcollective.com for more information.

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Sea Kayaking &amp; Whale Experience | Baja, Mexico (Early Bird Pricing until Nov. 30)
to Mar 9

Sea Kayaking & Whale Experience | Baja, Mexico (Early Bird Pricing until Nov. 30)

Sea Kayaking & Whale Experience, Baja, Mexico - March 3-9, 2019

Sea kayaking, islands, warm water, snorkeling, yoga & whales!

Screen Shot 2018-10-08 at 5.43.07 PM.png

The Sea of Cortez is a breathtaking sight, with the rugged desert landscape of Baja California Sur running into the bright blue ocean. The desert ridges and canyons around Loreto boast the richest variety of life on the peninsula, and the nearby islands and reefs teem with life. From the Sierra de la Giganta mountain range to the idyllic coastline, Baja California Sur is a natural paradise for adventurous travelers.

Experience the magic! Every year gray whales migrate more than 10,000 miles between their summer feeding grounds in the Arctic and the coastal lagoons of the southern Baja peninsula. The whales use these protected, shallow, warm waters as calving nurseries. Orcas, sperm whales, finbacks, minkes, pilot whales and even the immense blue whale, the largest animal on the planet, are known to swim here too. Dolphins and porpoises also frequent the area. It's even possible to see a super pod of dolphin – the magical sight of 50 to 100 dolphins leaping through the water together!


Over the course of this 7-day trip, we'll kayak around the beautiful waters of the Sea of Cortez - camp at pristine beaches on Isla Danzante or Isla del Carmen, soak in natural hot springs, visit the fishing village of Agua Verde, enjoy gourmet meals expertly prepared by your guides, reset with morning mediation and practice daily yoga to keep our bodies aligned...and so much more!

As a bonus, we'll travel to Magdalena Bay, located on the Pacific side of the Baja Peninsula. We board our panga and for the next 3-4 hours watch mother gray whales and their young swimming together under the guidance of our resident naturalist. The whales often get close enough to touch you, or look you in the eye. Don't miss out on this once-in-lifetime experience!

7 days/6 nights | March 3 - March 9, 2019. $1995 USD*

  • *$1795.00 USD Early Bird Pricing until November 30, 2018

  • Use code “CWWC200off” at checkout

$500 non-refundable deposit is required to register. Payment plans available.

The cost of this trip includes:

  • Professional guides & instructors

  • Kayak and essential paddling gear

  • Meals

  • Camping and permitting

  • Daily Yoga

  • Transportation to and from our launch site and excursion to Magdalena Bay

Airfare not included.

In association with Paddling South/Sea Trek.

Have questions? Email us at info@cwwcollective.com for more details.

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