Outreach Project


Cali Collective is excited to extend beyond the water and into other fun facets of our special area. We’ll be working with local businesses to put on community workshops, open to all, with a goal of continuing to foster connections and personal growth through a variety of activities, donation-based and not necessarily water- specific. Whether it’s learning how honey is made or taking part in a tea circle, the idea is total inclusion, creating a space where everyone feels welcome.

Cali Collective is also looking forward to bolstering our scholarship program, making available more opportunities to the underrepresented demographics—at-risk teens, low-income families, single parents—of our region. In addition to the strong interpersonal bonds we forge on the water, and the plain fun of it, we feel that learning new skills in a safe and challenging environment can lead to a greater sense of confidence and self-assurance in all walks of life, and this is something we want to share with everyone.

Stay tuned for upcoming events…