What’s Your Paddling Skill Level?

We will ask you what your paddling experience and skill level is when you register. Here’s a guideline to help you with your self-assessment. If you have questions, please feel free to call us!


  • No prior instruction—first time in a whitewater kayak


  • Some prior whitewater instruction—knows how to wet exit and self-rescue

  • Basic understanding of paddling fundamentals—eddies, edging, boat control, etc.

  • Do not have the “roll”


  • Comfortable paddling and maneuvering in Class I and II whitewater—eddy turns, ferrying, basic river reading

  • Working on the roll though not rolling yet


  • Comfortable making harder moves in Class II whitewater and navigating Class III

  • Ability to roll in Class II rapids, most of the time (~70% success rate)


  • Comfortable paddling, surfing, eddy-hopping in Class III (or higher)

  • Solid roll in Class III (or higher)