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Stretch and Explore

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Kate O’Brien, an Ohio native currently based in Idaho is the artist behind Stretch and Explore Designs. Stretch and Explore is a graphics and illustrations experimentation born from staff meeting doodles. Kate is an elementary school art teacher and mixed media artist with a focus on radial designs and environmental issues. She is a weekend warrior who can be found climbing on mountains and swimming in rivers, always with a sketchbook nearby.  She explores a sense of place, as well as the experiences and feelings that arise while adventuring in her intricate mandala designs. The patterns capture the simple, organic, and geometric lines of the natural world. Surrounded by endless inspiration she is constantly growing and evolving her artistic practice. | Learn more



ECOlunchbox was born of the idea that change can begin at lunchtime. Creator and President, Sandra Ann Harris wanted to eliminate plastic from her kids' lunchboxes to reduce their exposure to leachy toxins commonly found in plastics as well as do the right thing for Mother Earth. So she set out to design a plastic-free line of bentos, bags and food to-go accessories that are healthy for people & planet and sell it to the world to make change lunch by lunch! ECOlunchbox is a mission-based social enterprise that uses the capitalist engine to educate and empower people to reduce their dependence on plastics. | Learn More

Wavehaven Glass


Haven Livingston is a California based artist, writer and biologist. She draws inspiration from the light and colors experienced by a life lived outside.  “Sometimes the image comes first and I find the glass to match, other times I find amazing pieces of glass and play with them until an image emerges. A lot of the stained glass I use is scrap discarded by other artists or window companies. This is the beauty of mosaic – to create something beautiful out of broken pieces.”  | Learn More

Mountain Folks Bone Broth Co


Mountain Folk’s Broth Co. is a bone broth start up in Northern California. Born out of the dream of Gretchen Dunbar, a Clinical Nutritionist, who when working with and educating patients wanted a ‘superfood’ to thoroughly aid in the healing of the variety of conditions she was seeing. In reflection she found herself recommending bone broth so frequently that she had to take her work one step further to make this therapeutic food for the patients she was seeing, as well as her active community. |  Learn More

Sierra Nevada Photos


Ours lives are so hectic we often neglect to take the time to capture the moments that remind us of our joys, hopes and dreams. I have been fortunate enough to celebrate these moments with my clients for the past 25 years. It would be my honor to capture the special times in your life to be treasured for generations.  | Learn More


ecology by design


Owner, Teresa Rogerson, is a sucker for beauty, geometry, the cerebral. In a garden and in life, she looks at it as a privilege to impose the intellect upon the wildness of nature. When we design in concert with nature and her obligatory constraints, we can build spaces that calm us, stimulate us; and generally make us happy to be inside of. Consultation, garden coaching, custom retaining walls, patios, outdoor bedrooms, clean ups, land use plans, "maintenance free" design, drought tolerance, edible gardens, native plant restoration, erosion control. | Learn More



The ability to use a human powered system and take you anywhere is a privilege. Our mission is to take that experience and provide the tools to make it the best possible. Taking you anywhere and creating the feeling of unity between the rider and their bike. Creating freedom on two wheel by veering to the belt direction. What tool are we providing? The first split belt drivetrain system. Why is this radical? The Split Belt Drivetrain allows a rider to convert their bike drivetrain to a belt drivetrain. No need to cut their frame or purchase a special bike for belts. Now, were providing a solution to greasy chains, high maintenance drivetrains, and skimming down the weight of components. Did we mention the strength is just as strong as a chain, with a longer life. | Learn more

Good Blood Media


Fifteen years ago CEO and President, Katie McPherson, started her own journey as a river explorer - kayaking some of the earth’s most wild and unknown rivers. As a wandering nomad, she mastered the art of going places very few people could even imagine, let alone access. Along with her partner, Ryan McPherson, they lived their own stories and over time developed a unique lens through which they see. Their talent spoke for itself landing them jobs on award-winning TV series for major networks leading them to found Good Blood Media. “Sangue Bom", which means good blood, is a Brazilian phrase that describes a breed of people who live by integrity, loyalty, honesty, and generosity. | Learn More

Kayla Lopez Art


Photographer, artist and graphic designer, Kayla Lopez, is a California based multi-medium artist. Her artwork blurs the line between artist and adventurer. Creating in parallel with her passion for whitewater kayaking, she seeks to evoke thrill and instill a desire for exploration. The substance of her work oozes through paints, drawings, designs and videos. Experience in logos, banners and designs for apparel, she can also be caught creating portrait sketches, paintings and digital illustrations daily.  | Learn More

Windsweep Farm

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Chef and farmer, Sarah Fennell, puts love and care into every seed, leaf, flower, egg and vegetable her land produces. When you enjoy one of our artfully crafted meals during our multi-day clinics, it's the yummy organic goodness of Windsweep Farm that is the true star. For maximum health for your body and soul, always buy local, organic and seasonal. |  Learn More

Mantra Threads


Mantra Threads, a conscious clothing company, was born out of the belief that what we wear on our bodies influences how we feel. From the vendors we use to how each mantra is selected, designed, printed and delivered, each step of our brand’s journey is carefully considered and ethically carried out. | Learn More