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Squirts, Splats & Surfs | South Fork American River

  • South Fork American River Lotus, CA (map)

Are you looking to progress your paddling while making the river even more fun? Then this IS the class for you! This 1-day clinic teaches you the fundamentals of the stern squirt, rock splat and surfing waves - making you more comfortable in your boat and giving you more control in whitewater.

Why are  these moves important? They force you to be aware of your edges, how to isolate movements with your lower and upper body and ultimately expand your options when running rapids. By learning and practicing these skills, you'll become relaxed enough to drop whichever edge you like while staying on top of the boat and more comfortable when the boat is vertical -- turning you into a ninja when it comes to correcting unintentional surfs and back-enders while river running. And they are just straight up fun!

Please note:

This clinic is for intermediate to advanced paddlers. We will be playing and rolling (a lot) down the Class 3 "Gorge" section of the South Fork American. To participate, you must be comfortable in Class 3 and have a consistent combat roll.

Additionally, to make the most out of this clinic, we recommend a low-volume, "slicey" boat or playboat. If you have questions about which boats are appropriate or if this clinic is for you -- please email us at

Squirts, Splats & Surfs | South Fork American River. July 22, 2018. 1 Day, $89

This clinic is sold out. Please stay tuned for future events!

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